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Vera and [Name] had known each other for years, [Name] had come to the order a few years after Vera and was one of the youngest members to join at the time. However, in all the years that they'd known Vera, never has she had a proper birthday party, she's never asked for one, and one has never been thrown for her. [Name] decided that it would change this year, they'd throw Vera her own party, it was her eighteenth birthday after all, and the 31st was only 5 days away. [Name] had managed to convince a few other Exorcists to help out in the preparations, Allen, Linali, and Lavi were the three that had agreed, the others were either out on missions or had just returned, so [Name] didn't want to brother them. Vera was currently out on her own mission, but she was to return on the 3oth.

There were only four days left, and they were still trying to figure out a venue to hold the party at, so far, the four  were trying to decide between the cafeteria in the order, or one of their rooms. True, the cafeteria had a lot more room and easier access to food, but Vera would be suspicious of the group not letting her into the cafeteria at all until the party's planned time. Eventually, the small group decided to hold the party in [Name]'s room, since it was larger and would give more space to move around in.

Three days left and they were now trying to figure out presents, Vera never really asked for anything, being the altruist she was, so the four were having a hard time finding something for her. There was currently a Winter festival going on in the town below the Order, and the four had managed to get permission to leave to do some shopping. The four had split into two groups, Lavi and Allen went one way, while Linali and [Name] went the other. [Name] was about to give up when they saw it, it was an intricately carved ivory hairbrush, it looked just like the one that Vera had described her mother having, and [Name] knew that they had to get it for her.

There were only two days left and the four now had to decide on a cake. True, Jerry was one of the greatest cooks around, but [Name] knew where to get Vera's favourite cake, one that she used to eat a a kid. It was a brown sugar cake with honey on top, there was a small bakery outside of the village that made the cake and [Name] had to sneak out in the middle of the night to go and get it, but it would be worth it in the end.

Today was the day that Vera was supposed to return to the order, but apparently there had been an issue with the mission, something about there being a second innocence in the area and she'd be returning the next day. The four had taken the entire day to decorate [Name]'s room, and since it had taken so long they decided that they would leave it up in order to save time the next day.

Today was the day, it was the 31st of December, the four of them were stationed in [Name]'s room where Komui was supposed to tell Vera to head to before going to bed to rest up. Each of them waited patiently for her to arrive. When the door opened, all of them jumped up yelling out 'Surprise!' or 'Happy Birthday!', but they soon quieted down when they saw that it wasn't Vera at the door, but Komui, and his face was not that of his usual happy one. [Name] made their way over towards him, concerned as to why he was there. "Vera won't be here for her birthday," he started, looking at the all the while. "Her body was found late last night, it's being delivered to us now...I'm sorry" he said before leaving, he did have a job to do after all.

All of them seemed upset by the news, but [Name] felt like they might pass out. They moved to their bed and sat down, Vera couldn't be dead, she just couldn't be....[Name] began to cry, which soon turned into full blown sobbing. They hadn't come to terms with their feelings towards her until recently, but they had been in love with Vera and she was gone.
“Why the hell would the two of you wan’ to know ‘bout the lights from th’ Out There?” the old man asked, looking at the children in front of him. The older one, who called himself Theo, was tall and lanky, with wide brown eyes, and messy ginger-blonde hair that he tucked under a brown cap. He wore a pair of brown overalls, a white shirt underneath, and no shoes. He also wore a ring on his right thumb, it was a beautiful ring, black silver, vines carved around it, and a golden sun rock resting in the middle. It had belonged to his now dead mother, and he swore he’d never take it off. The younger one, called Olive, was short and pudgy. She had hair to match her brother’s, but hers was longer and kept in two pigtails, she also had round pea green eyes. She wore a light green dress with daisy lace around the bottom, bloomer shorts underneath and oversized white socks on her feet, Theo had given them to her, to keep her feet safe and warm. Theo jumped back, somewhat shocked by the old man’s sharp tone. “We’re just curious is all, we’ve been seeing them a lot and-“ “An’ why are you askin’ me? Why not ask your parents?” “Well we, um, we don’t have any parents. Since you life closest to the safe wall, we figured you must know about the lights, more than anyone else”. The old man sighed, “Listen kids, I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout the lights from the Out There,” he paused, and leaned closer to them. “If you really wanna know about them, try askin’ Miss Maggie up on Cricket Hill. She knows everything about the Out There.” He whispered, before standing up straight. “Now get lost, I got work to do!” he said, shoving them out of his field.

The two children walked hand in hand, Olive looked up at Theo, “Are we gonna go see the lady on Cricket Hill?” she asked. “I…I don’t know Olive, I’ve heard people talk about her. She’s supposed to be crazy…” he replied, not sounding all too sure of himself. “Aw, c’mon Theo! I wanna learn about the lights!” Olive said rather loudly, causing the people in the area to look at her suspiciously. Theo smiled to them meekly, and then quickly pulled Olive forwards, “Alright, alright, we’ll go. Just try not to draw so much attention to us” he said through his teeth. They began their journey to Cricket Hill, it didn’t take long, and they soon arrived. Theo looked up at the small and run down house on the top of the hill, that was where Miss Maggie was supposed to live. He took a deep breath and got down onto his knees, putting his arms out behind him. “Alright Olive, get on” he said, once he felt her climb onto his back, he stood up slowly, keeping his balance, and then he began to climb the hill.

They soon reached the top of the hill, Cricket Hill wasn’t all that tall or steep, and in fact it wasn’t much of a hill, more of a rock pile. Theo got back onto his knees and let Olive climb off. He stood back up and took Olive’s hand again, walking towards the house, and knocking on the door once they reached it. The door opened slowly, and a tiny old blind woman wearing a green gingham dress stood there, “Who is it? What do you want?” she asked. “Ah, hello ma’am, my name’s Theo, and this is my sister, Olive. We were told to come to you if we wanted to know about the lights from the Out There” Theo said cautiously. Miss Maggie visibly stiffened, “Yes, come in…” she said, sound a little distant. Theo pulled Olive into the house, and then picked her up, just in case they had to make a run for it. Miss Maggie lead them to her living room, she sat down in a worn rocking chair, Theo sat on a rather uncomfortable wooden couch across from her, keeping Olive in his arms. “People call me crazy because of what I say. But even though I’ve lost my vision, I’ll never forget what I saw while in the Out There” she said. Theo’s eyes widened, “You’ve actually been to the Out There? What’s it like?” he asked. “It’s a beautiful place, the fire bugs light up the forest, but they lead you in deeper and deeper, bringing you closer to their master. The Behemoth”

“The Behemoth?” Theo asked. “Yes, the Behemoth. It’s a terrifying creature. It stands taller than any man or beast you’ll find in this land, and runs on all fours, but looks human. It has skin so dark that it could blend into a starless night sky, and it has large glowing antlers sprouting from its head. I’ve seen it up close, only one, when it was devouring an old man” she explained. She picked an old book off of the table beside her and ran her hand over the cover “When I had my sight, I read this book so many times; I’ve memorized it by now. It tells you all you need to know about the Behemoth. If you’re seeing the lights from the Out There, then that means he’s awake, and ready to eat again. It’s been fifty years since the lights last showed…you two stay away from the Out There. It’ll die if it doesn’t eat soon enough!” Miss Maggie finished with a laugh, one that made Theo uncomfortable. “Alright then, thank you very much,” Theo said, standing up cautiously, edging towards the door. “It was nice meeting you, we should get going now.” he said, quickly opening the door and leaving the house, still holding Olive in his arms, he ran down the hill, and towards the small shack they lived in.

Once inside the house, Theo placed Olive into a chair and went to the kitchen, digging through the cupboards to find something for them to eat for dinner. He pulled out a potato and a bunch of radishes, “Hey Olive, how does boiled potato and radish sound to you?” he asked. When he didn’t receive a reply, he turned and looked behind him to see that Olive was no longer in the chair he had placed her in, and that the door was opened. He saw Olive walking towards the gap in the safe wall, where a large cluster of the lights had gathered. “Olive!” he yelled, dropping the vegetables and running out of the house after her. By the time he reached where she had originally been, she was already inside the Out There, and without a second thought, Theo followed her in.

Theo ran through the Out There, searching left and right for Olive. He heard a familiar giggling to his left and took a sharp turn, almost falling over in the process. When he burst through a bush, the fire bugs that had been surrounding Olive scattered, causing her to let out a while. “Olive!” Theo exclaimed, relieved that he’d found her. He walked over to her and picked her up, “C’mon Olive. Let’s head back home…” he drifted off, looking around. He didn’t know where they were, the bush he had come through was now gone. Theo gulped heavily, “Theo, I’m sleepy” Olive said, yawning and rubbing her eyes. Theo sighed, “Go to sleep Olive. I’ll find us somewhere that we can rest” he said, and he began walking.

Theo slowly began to wake up, the night before he had found a large group of bushes for the two of them to hide under while they slept. Olive’s eyes opened, and she sat up, she had been sleeping on Theo’s stomach, and she was now sitting on him. Theo sat up, causing Olive to fall onto her back into his lap. They both laughed for a few moments before they stood up to get going. Theo carried Olive as they walked; constantly looking around to make sure they were safe. Suddenly, Theo heard the snapping of tree branches behind him, and he turned, his breath was caught in his throat at what he saw, it felt like his heart had stopped. Standing not too far away from them was the Behemoth.

Theo ran, keeping a firm grip on Olive as he did. The Behemoth was close behind them and was gaining quickly. Theo saw a large hollowed out tree, and he dove inside. The Behemoth ran right past it and off into the distance. Theo let out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding, Olive pulled on his shirt, calling for his attention. He looked down to her “What is it Olive?” he asked, “I’m hungry Theo” she said quietly, her stomach rumbling, as if to prove her point. Theo smiled a small smile and placed her down on the ground of the tree, and began to climb out. He placed a kiss on her forehead, “You stay here, and I’ll find us something to eat” he said and walked off.

Theo managed to find a bush of berries and collected as many as he could fit into his cap before heading back to the tree. Once he got back to the tree, he put his hat on the forest floor and pulled Olive out, lifting her from underneath her chubby little arms. The two of them sat down, and began to eat the berries; they tasted something like a cross between a raspberry and a cherry, and looked like small blue strawberries. Theo brought his third handful up to his mouth, ready to pour when he froze, the berries falling from his hand. The Behemoth was there, not even twenty feet away from them, and it began to charge. Theo picked up Olive and threw her into the tree, as he began to climb in he was torn away from it. “Theo!” Olive shrieked and cried out for him, but her cries were drowned out with Theo’s own screams of terror.

After a while, the screaming died down, and the Behemoth had left, going back to its cave to sleep off the fourteen years of life energy it had just devoured. Olive slowly and shakily pulled herself out of the tree, and looked around for Theo. Unfortunately, the only thing she could find was his hat, still filled with berries, and his ring.


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