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Vera and [Name] had known each other for years, [Name] had come to the order a few years after Vera and was one of the youngest members to join at the time. However, in all the years that they'd known Vera, never has she had a proper birthday party, she's never asked for one, and one has never been thrown for her. [Name] decided that it would change this year, they'd throw Vera her own party, it was her eighteenth birthday after all, and the 31st was only 5 days away. [Name] had managed to convince a few other Exorcists to help out in the preparations, Allen, Linali, and Lavi were the three that had agreed, the others were either out on missions or had just returned, so [Name] didn't want to brother them. Vera was currently out on her own mission, but she was to return on the 3oth.

There were only four days left, and they were still trying to figure out a venue to hold the party at, so far, the four  were trying to decide between the cafeteria in the order, or one of their rooms. True, the cafeteria had a lot more room and easier access to food, but Vera would be suspicious of the group not letting her into the cafeteria at all until the party's planned time. Eventually, the small group decided to hold the party in [Name]'s room, since it was larger and would give more space to move around in.

Three days left and they were now trying to figure out presents, Vera never really asked for anything, being the altruist she was, so the four were having a hard time finding something for her. There was currently a Winter festival going on in the town below the Order, and the four had managed to get permission to leave to do some shopping. The four had split into two groups, Lavi and Allen went one way, while Linali and [Name] went the other. [Name] was about to give up when they saw it, it was an intricately carved ivory hairbrush, it looked just like the one that Vera had described her mother having, and [Name] knew that they had to get it for her.

There were only two days left and the four now had to decide on a cake. True, Jerry was one of the greatest cooks around, but [Name] knew where to get Vera's favourite cake, one that she used to eat a a kid. It was a brown sugar cake with honey on top, there was a small bakery outside of the village that made the cake and [Name] had to sneak out in the middle of the night to go and get it, but it would be worth it in the end.

Today was the day that Vera was supposed to return to the order, but apparently there had been an issue with the mission, something about there being a second innocence in the area and she'd be returning the next day. The four had taken the entire day to decorate [Name]'s room, and since it had taken so long they decided that they would leave it up in order to save time the next day.

Today was the day, it was the 31st of December, the four of them were stationed in [Name]'s room where Komui was supposed to tell Vera to head to before going to bed to rest up. Each of them waited patiently for her to arrive. When the door opened, all of them jumped up yelling out 'Surprise!' or 'Happy Birthday!', but they soon quieted down when they saw that it wasn't Vera at the door, but Komui, and his face was not that of his usual happy one. [Name] made their way over towards him, concerned as to why he was there. "Vera won't be here for her birthday," he started, looking at the all the while. "Her body was found late last night, it's being delivered to us now...I'm sorry" he said before leaving, he did have a job to do after all.

All of them seemed upset by the news, but [Name] felt like they might pass out. They moved to their bed and sat down, Vera couldn't be dead, she just couldn't be....[Name] began to cry, which soon turned into full blown sobbing. They hadn't come to terms with their feelings towards her until recently, but they had been in love with Vera and she was gone.


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So guys, I'm making my own 'version' of homestuck, really it's just a collection of OCs and I might write a story based off of it, but I need some more. That's where you come in. I need some fantrolls to put in, 24 to be exact. Just submit the name and looks of your troll, that's it. And when I decide to end this I'll announce which 12 girls and 12 boys I'll be choosing. Once again, just looks and names for your trolls, that's it. And if anyone has ideas for Ancestor names, throw em at me. Thanks guys!
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